The East Trail Project

Hobbs State Park, Arkansas’s largest state park, was made possible through a generous offering of land by Roscoe C. Hobbs to the State of Arkansas in partnership with Arkansas State Parks, Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, and the Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission.

The Hobbs’ estate stipulated that the land be offered to the state of Arkansas for purchase with conservation and recreation in mind. In 1979, with the support of public and private partners, including Governors David Pryor and Bill Clinton, Senators Kaneaster Hodges and Dale Bumpers, as well as Hayden Mcllroy and Sam Walton, the land was purchased from Mr. Hobbs Estate.

Today, Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area serves as a premier cross-country multi- purpose trail destination for many of its visitors. With further enhancements through the Arkansas Parks and Recreation Foundation’s East Trail Project at Hobbs State Park current trail offerings will be lengthened by roughly 14 miles—bringing total trail close to 50 miles.

The Foundation aims to transform the visitor experience by building a new trail that offers users expansive, breathtaking views of Beaver Lake while creating varying levels of trail difficulty to attract all levels of users. The project aims to promote health and wellness in the surrounding communities and beyond.

The East Trail Project will provide 14 miles of trail, including a bridge, a tunnel, a trail- head, at least 1 mile of mountain biking flow trail, at least 2 trail spurs to create new and unique vignettes, and signage that connects users with conservation ethic, park interpretation, trail specs, safety and emergency information.

  • 14 miles of multipurpose trail
  • A bridge
  • A tunnel
  • A trailhead
  • Mountain biking flow trail
  • 2 trail spurs
  • New directional and educational signage