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Arkansas’ Second Monument Trail to Open at Mount Nebo State Park

Dardanelle, Ark. (7/25/2019) – The state’s second Monument Trail opens at Mount Nebo State Park on July 27th, bringing yet another experiential mountain bike trail to Arkansas. The new Monument Trail at Mount Nebo State Park marks a significant investment ...

The First Ride: Hobbs State Park Monument Trail

The Monument Trails were designed and built on the idea that accessible riding can also inspire awe. And at Hobbs State Park in Arkansas, that vision has seen the light of day.

The Louisiana Purchase Monument Restoration Project

Arkansas Parks & Recreation Foundation is partnering with Arkansas State Parks to restore and reestablish the Louisiana Purchase monument located at the Louisiana Purchase Historic State Park, located on Little Cypress Creek. The monument marks the “initial point” established during an original survey of lands added to the United States as a result of the Louisiana Purchase.

The Allsopp Park North Gateway Project

Arkansas Parks & Recreation Foundation has partnered with Little Rock Parks & Recreation to create a new gateway to experience Allsopp Park from its most northern point.